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Buying vs Leasing

Are you unsure of whether you want to buy or lease your next vehicle? At Interstate Nissan, we understand that this could be a confusing question, so we decided to put together some information to help you better understand the differences and benefits to choosing between buying your next car or leasing it.
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  • Terms range 12-72 months
  • Available for new & pre-owned vehicles
  • Build Equity
  • Drive as many miles as you want
  • Travel without worrying about wear-and-use charges
  • Carry lower limits for auto insurance (see your insurer for actual quotes)
  • Customize your vehicle (though this may invalidate portions of your warranty)
  • Sell, trade, or transfer title whenever you want


  • Terms range 24-60 months
  • Available only for new cars
  • Get a bigger, better-equipped car than you could afford to purchase
  • Enjoy a new car every few years
  • Pay only for the portion of the car’s life that you use (which means a lower payment)
  • Receive tax benefits if used for business (depends on the lease, state, and tax laws)
  • Spread applicable sales tax across monthly payments (varies by state)
  • Enjoy end-of-lease options: you can buy the car, lease another vehicle, or explore other choices
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