Committed to Our Community
Here at Interstate Nissan, we firmly believe that we are only as strong as the communities around us. That’s why, over the years, we’ve been proud to partner with local organizations and businesses around Jackson, McKean, and Asbury, PA, to give back. We’d be delighted if you read on and learned more about our community involvement in the greater Erie, PA, areas. Contact us with any questions you may have!
Our Proud Partners
We have had the privilege of working with several local organizations, each of whom we are proud to call our partner.
McDowell High School
We are extremely proud to partner with McDowell High School, a high school located in Mill-creek Township. McDowell is one of the best public high schools in the area, shaping our youth and providing high-level education, offering nearly 250 different courses.
It is extremely rewarding to help provide local youth with a great educational experience, after all, these are the individuals who will be tasked with leading our community forward for gener-ations to come.
Cathedral Preparatory School
In the same sense, we are proud to work with the Cathedral Preparatory School, which strives to “develop young men and women of vision in spirit, mind, and body.” The academy does so through excellent educational offerings as well as extracurriculars from sports to clubs and more.
Cathedral Preparatory School’s story is one of great, storied success. For the class of 2023, 100% of graduating seniors were accepted to four-year college institutions and across the class, students were offered over $30 million dollars in cumulative scholarship funds.
With an esteemed alumni network, attending Cathedral Preparatory School is an honor and it truly is an honor that we get to partner with this local institution.
Erie Otters
As you are likely aware, the hockey roots run deep in northwestern Pennsylvania, and the Erie Otters are a fundamental part of our community and economy. A member of the Ontario Hock-ey League, the Otters are one of only three American teams in this professional hockey league.
From local events and appearances to games, we are proud to work with the Otters in giving back to the communities in which we thrive.
Community Involvement
Giving Back to Our Communities
It’s beyond rewarding to help organizations that are vital to our community thrive and achieve success. From helping expand educational resources and opportunities to local sporting events, we are proud to partner with our local peers.
If you would like to learn more about our involvement or have suggestions for further commu-nity involvement, we are always happy to chat. Contact our team to get a dialogue going!
Building a Better Tomorrow!
Getting involved with our community efforts is our way of saying thanks to the Jackson, McKean, and Asbury, Pennsylvania, communities in which we serve. We’re always happy to see Erie, Pennsylvania, and its surrounding areas grow and are eager to assist in any way we can.
Have questions about our continued community involvement? Contact our team here at Interstate Nissan and we’ll be happy to chat!